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Band of the Month (January) - 5 Seconds Of Summer (English)

We'll begin 2013 with our Band of the Month of January. They are 5 Seconds Of Summer, a young and talented band from Australia. Let's get to know a bit more about them :

5 Seconds Of Summer is an Australian punk-pop/pop-rock composed of Luke Hemmings (vocals and guitar), Michael Clifford (vocals and guitar), Calum Hood (vocals and bass) and Ashton Irwin (drums).

The story of this young band comes, as many other, back from school days when Luke, Michael and Calum start recording they covers of their favorite songs and upload them to YouTube. They soon sum up visits one after the other and what first began just as a hobby among friends suddenly turns into a career. When Ashton joins late December, 5 Seconds Of Summer is born.
Their videos quickly achieve likes and watchers and soon they reach more than four million visits to them and a solid fan base, spreading via social networks where they get thousands of followers on Facebook or Twitter. Their first real contrat with SONY ATV looking forward to publishing their first record comes right afterwards.

In the meantime they released their first EP on iTunes being titled "Unplugged" which gathers four acoustic songs from both themselves and cover from favorite bands. It came out the 26th June 2012 and although not receiving much feedback it gets 3rd overall on Australian iTunes and top 20 in New Zealand and Sweden.



Media did not delay a second in realizing the high potential of this four guys between 16 and 18 years old. Their appearances on TV, magazines or radio stations come once and again. They embark on a four date Australian tour selling out every of them and in October they support Hot Chelle Rae and Cher Lloyd. There will later come the time to visit New Zealand.

At the same time that they go on covering songs for YouTube and getting more and more fan support they also continue writing their own music. Therefore, 19th November 2012 they release their first single "Out Of My Limit" as a first bite of what would be their sophomore EP titled "Somewhere New". Four track EP which came out 7th December 2012 both physically and digitally, being also available in some fan bundle editions with merchandise, lyrics and posters.

That very December, as their fan base grows and spreads all around the world, members of 5 Seconds Of Summer travel to London to songwrite what will be their first long lenght, being due to recording back in Australia. An album which will clearly top the charts and pleasure their fans.







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